27% of teens nowadays identify as gender non-conformists. But it’s not just the younger generations embracing this fluid fashion movement; celebrity icons like Harry Styles are pioneering this new trend. 

The days of boys wearing bomber jackets and girls being restricted to flowing dresses are over. Fashion is heading in a relaxed wear direction, and it includes everyone regardless of their sexuality. 

Whether you’re gay or straight, a genderless style is for everyone. 

So, what is gender-neutral fashion? And how is it taking over the major fashion brands of the world? 

Let’s take a look.

What Is Gender-Neutral Fashion?

The lines between womenswear and menswear are becoming more blurry as time passes. People no longer feel like they need to be pigeon-holed into one style like woven shirts or knit shorts because of their gender. 

As people become more interested in disentangling what makes someone a “woman” or “man,” fashion is breaking boundaries. Think of it this way; have you ever stopped to think about what clothes say about your gender? 

Fashion is trying to incorporate these essential debates on gender into their clothing style and upcoming collections. 

Many brands are already experimenting with the construct of gender and using old-fashioned pieces of clothing like kilts to show that people have been wearing genderless clothing for years. 

So, why not now? 

The idea behind gender-neutral fashion is that it has no specific color palette in mind. No one body type can wear the clothes. This means that anyone in the LGBTQ community can embrace their true identity. 

Instead of focusing on gender stereotypes, this clothing is about testing boundaries and expanding our preexisting notions of what is “female” or “male” fashion. 

Comfort Is the Key

During the pandemic, many of us turned to our comfortable sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. People started dressing for comfort instead of style when we knew we didn’t have to go anywhere. 

This started a massive boom in trendy loungewear. Historically, a female clothing style was uncomfortable and not practical for doing daily chores. For instance, women used to wear heels and dresses to bake in their home.

Now, genderless clothing is leading the way to a more comfortable and laidback fashion.

You no longer have to shop in the men’s section to find your favorite sweatshirt; gender-neutral brands like ours have everything you need. 

Sales Numbers Reflect This Shift

Besides the change in mindset towards this style of gender-neutral clothing that we see on social media, the sales numbers reflect its rising popularity. 

For designers, gender-neutral fashion allows them to focus on quality over quantity. There doesn’t need to be several different male and female designs; professionals can concentrate on making the clothes fit correctly. 

By cutting down on manufacturing, it’s also benefiting the environment and creating less waste. So, investing in genderless clothing like knit shirts or woven shirts is also a smart move financially. 

How To Get Started With Gender-Neutral Clothing

Suppose you’re thinking about starting a gender-neutral fashion but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the essentials you need for a genderless wardrobe.

A Simple White Button-Down

A white shirt is always a good choice for a wardrobe as it can go with any other piece of clothing. However, a contrast collar shirt is perfect if you want something with a colorful touch. 

This gives you the clean, crisp appearance of a white shirt with a splash of color. You can pair this shirt with a denim jacket or a tie for a formal occasion. 

Comfortable Hoodie 

There’s nothing better than throwing on a hoodie on a bad day or when the weather is rainy outside. This type of clothing instantly makes you feel relaxed. It’s like having a hug. 

So, you need to include a hoodie in your genderless closet. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the patterns! 

Our Indigo 70s Hoodie Sweatshirt is great for getting that oversized look but with a colorful twist that showcases your unique personality. You can wear it for a hike or hanging out with friends. 

It’s versatile and comfortable. And, you can wear a t-shirt or shirt underneath during the year’s colder months.

Jeans for Everyday Wear

The great thing about jeans is that they can be dressed up or down. You can also have several pairs in blue, gray, and black for some variety in your wardrobe. 

Plus, you don’t have to wear skinny jeans. You can always pick a relaxed fit for even more comfort. Pair your jeans with a hoodie, and you can’t go wrong!

Make It Fun With High-Tops

Converse or “chucks” have been around for decades, but they never seem to lose their charm. There’s something unique about their style that keeps drawing people and the younger generation to them. 

Having a pair of chucks is excellent for creating a new genderless wardrobe. They scream individuality and show the world that you don’t care about conventions. 

So, get yourself a fun pair of chucks and rock your new look! 

You can even buy a bold color like green, yellow, or red if you want to make a statement. 

Don’t Forget the Baseball Cap

Baseball caps used to be associated with sports enthusiasts and men, but more women opt for this accessory when dressing for their day. 

You can throw on a baseball cap when you’re having a bad hair day. Likewise, a baseball cap is your new best friend if you live somewhere hot. 

However, you can also get a bucket hat to add to your style. Our collection has a range of funky patterns and colors suited to every personality. 

You’ll find something you like in this collection

Get a Scarf for Cold Days

Like hats, scarves are a must when building your gender-neutral style. They add some texture and depth to your overall look.

Plus, they are practical for cold climates where the weather can take a turn any time. 

If you don’t want to commit to one color because it might clash with your other clothes, you can go for a black and gray scarf. The soft texture will make you feel warm and cozy when you’re outside. 

And it upgrades your outfit with a classy element. 

Cross-Over Bag for Essentials

A cross-over or tote bag is the last missing piece to a genderless wardrobe. You’ll need somewhere to store your essentials like your phone, wallet, water bottle, and keys, so you’ll need a beautiful bag. 

Are you a fan of hiking and being in nature? Then, you’re going to love our Mountain Cement Day Bag. This eco-friendly, recycled bag is excellent for traveling or running to the shops. 

You don’t need to pull a handbag over your shoulder constantly; you can be more flexible with this day bag designed for multiple purposes. 

The Importance of Gender-Neutral Clothing 

Fashion has always been a crucial part of how we express ourselves, but it has had its limitations in the past. People can dress however they please, regardless of what society deems “normal.” 

In the world of fashion, this is a new concept. However, it’s a significant statement critical to the future.

As the younger generation ages, they are starting to speak up more about gender norms and reject societal pressures on certain dress styles. Girls don’t want only to wear pink skirts.

And, men don’t want to be locked into suits and trousers. As gender becomes more fluid, so is fashion. 

For minority groups like LGBTQ communities, this is important for allowing people to integrate more into broader society. 

Can You Become Gender-Neutral?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact meaning of gender-neutral, as there’s no clear definition. But that’s part of the fun! 

There are no rules. No expectations. 

Gender-neutral is when you resist the societal norms of how you should act, speak, and feel. If you can relate to that sentiment, then you’re gender-neutral. 

Of course, it varies from person to person as everyone has their own story, but generally, it’s a place for people who want to be free from gender constructs. 

At Anchor2Anchor, our mission is to give everyone clothes that emphasize their true spirit. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the rhythm of waves, and the underworld, our clothes encapsulate wild souls. 

We want to make you confident in who you are by wearing clothes that reflect your personality.

Sail Through Life With the Right Clothes

Clothes are both the best and worst thing in the world. They can make you feel satisfied and confident, or they can make you feel insecure and restricted. 

And we must wear clothes daily, so you must find your style that makes you feel comfortable. 

Fashion is changing, and gender-neutral clothes are on the rise. Are you ready to join the revolution of genderless style? Then, take a look at our website

Make an order and pick items that you truly connect with. If you have any questions, let us know. 

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