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360Monadnock provides Digital Marketing Solutions to businesses located in New England.  What started out a couple of years ago with a focus on 360 Virtual Tours, we expanded into other marketing mediums to include: SEO, Web Development, eCommerce, Photography, Videography, Drone & Podcast Production.

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You’ll have heard it before: “An image is worth a thousand words.” In the super fast paced world that we live in today, that phrase couldn’t be more true. Photography is more important than ever before in helping brands to tell their story, and connect with their customers.

Photographs convey emotion: One of the most incredible aspects of photography is its ability to convey an emotion. Use darker, more contrasty light: you’ll get something moody. Use a really light, bright room: happiness. Lots of blues: tranquility. Your images have the ability to quickly and easily convey the emotion that you want your customers to feel when you’re surrounded by your business. It’s important that you look at the visuals of your brand (on your website, social media, email, etc) and assess: does this convey the emotion that I want?

Photography is the first impression that your potential customers get of your brand. Think about it; the last time you heard of a new business, I bet you grabbed your iPhone, hopped onto Instagram, had a scroll, maybe looked on their website, and within a matter of a minute, you had an idea of what kind of brand they were. First impressions matter!

Photography has the ability to add perceived value… but photography can also create the opposite effect. Bad quality imagery = a harder time earning loyalty and trust. Sounds really superficial, but it’s reality.

Photography is a much quicker way of getting a message across to your customers. Text is great, but it takes quite a long time for people to read a caption, an about page, or a pretty Instagram quote. Images take milliseconds.

Consistently beautiful photography creates brand trust and recognition. If you’re imagery is similar and of high quality over all of your platforms (website, social media, email, logo, print outs, etc), you’re helping your customers recognize you.


At 360 Monadnock, we provide high-quality videography services that don’t break the bank. As your one-stop shop for commercial promo videos, count on our photography and videography company to create timeless videos for a single location or for multiple shoots.

Videos are a new cool – and we’re not saying this lightly. The rate with which brands churn out content as part of their digital strategies, videos are a surefire way to stand out. A successful video marketing campaign can help you direct the spotlight over yourself and change your objectives into results.

360Virtual Reality Tours.

In all these forms of online media, 360-degree pictures are still a novelty for most people, and if you add a 360 VR Video or image, you will get an edge over your competition. Go against the grain, stand out, and get noticed. Adding a 360 virtual tour will let your visitors have control over what they are seeing, and they would be more likely to spend more time viewing details of your business.

360 Virtual Tours are also great tools for Insurance Documentation, giving an insurance company a detailed view of personal belongings in the event of total loss.  These tours can help protect owners and real estate firms against the litigious effects of a catastrophic loss.

Insurance Documentation

Drone Videography & Photography.

Drone photography is a great way to get shots of your business and services that standard photography isn’t capable of. The high altitude and maneuverability allows for exciting new perspectives to engage your customers.

The real estate sector has been taking full advantage of aerial drone photography for several years now to show properties for sale or help assess property value. Now businesses of all types are exploring the possibilities.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Many of today’s businesses, from manufacturing companies to e-commerce websites, understand the importance of SEO and how it can help them grow. However, what some don’t realize is the importance of having an expert SEO agency help you out.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an ever-evolving landscape where changes happen daily. The Google algorithm is constantly being updated to ensure that searchers are getting the most relevant and accurate results for their queries. Without someone manning the SEO station, it can be difficult for a business to keep up with the changes and ensure their website is always optimized for the search engines. If you are an HR representative responsible for careers and hiring talents or a business owner that is looking for ways to improve your company, then consider working with an SEO Agency.

SEO Agencies Can Help You Save Time

One of the biggest advantages of using an SEO agency is that it can save you a lot of time. How and why? Take for example 360 Monadnock. We have SEO experts that have experience in the field. That means hiring us will immediately give you access to a team of professionals that are ready to help you grow your business. No more job ads, no more interviews, and no more training!

SEO Agencies Can Help You Stay Updated With the Latest SEO Trends

Another benefit is that we can help you stay updated with the latest SEO trends. From new Google updates to changes in SERP features, we got you covered. Our team is engaged in continuous learning so that we can keep our clients ahead of the curve.

SEO Agencies Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

Having an SEO team backing you up is already a big advantage compared to your brick-and-mortar competitors. More than 80% of consumers search online which is a huge market that you can tap into if you have an effective SEO strategy in place. With the right tools and tactics, you can easily outrank your competitors!

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Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they can conduct SEO on their own or that it’s not worth the investment. The truth is, without SEO, your website may be lost among the millions of other websites out there. With the right SEO strategy, you can not only rank higher in search engine results, but also generate more leads and conversions for your business. Still not convinced? Here are some of the best benefits and advantages of SEO: Get more organic traffic

  • Better ROI (return on investment)
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility
  • Improved customer engagement and -satisfaction
  • Higher conversion rates

eCommerce & Website Consulting.

Put your business online and get more sales & leads with quality and professional web development services. We have experience in all facets of web development to help our clients reach their full digital potential.

We provide consulting on responsive websites which are displayed properly on all screen sizes and in all the browsers. Your new site will also be mobile optimized!  You don’t have to worry if your users are on PC, Mac, Tablet or Mobile – We make sure whichever browser they use on any device, the experience is streamlined and awesome.

Prospect Hill Home & Antiques

Prospect Hill Home & Antiques – Located in Sunapee Harbor and at the beginning of the Sugar River is our Furniture and Art Gallery. 6500 sq ft and three stories providing an excellent viewing experience of new fine furniture.

360Monadnock developed a new SEO strategy, new content, 360VR, Videography, Professional Photoshoots, Artist Marketing & a Social Media Strategy to enhance and deepen customer interaction.

The Keene Axe House

The Keene Axe House – New Hampshire’s premiere Axe Throwing Venue located in Keene, NH.

360Monadnock developed an online portal for customers to make appointments for Lane Rentals, Waivers, Rules & Checkout. SEO, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce, Photography, Videography, 360VR.

New, Redeveloped Website coming in January of 2023


Q Hydrogen is a leading developer of sustainable, actionable hydrogen energy technologies. Our proprietary science allows for the production of Clear Hydrogen. This means we use less space, less energy, and are lower cost compared to natural gas, fossil fuel, and existing hydrogen production methods.

360Monadnock is developing a new, SEO rich website, Professional Photography, Drone, 360VR, Professional Headshots, Videography and Podcast Production.

Manchester Firing Line Range

Manchester Firing Line Range – Manchester Firing Line is a Veteran owned, husband and wife operated business located less than 1 mile from the Manchester/Boston Regional Airport. Whether you are here on a business trip, vacationing or live in the area, come in and experience a safe, professional and educational indoor shooting range unlike any other!

Currently in process – Ground up, redevelopment of Web, addition of 300K product eCommerce catalog, integration with in-store POS to eCommerce, Professional Photoshoots, Videography, 360VR, SEO, Social Media Marketing & Drone Photography/Videography.

Podcast Production.

Brought to you by Aaron Kelly, Founder & CEO of 360Monadnock, a digital marketing company based in The Wilton Train Station, built in 1880, located in Wilton, New Hampshire. Aaron talks with business owners about the trials and tribulations of owning, operating and managing their businesses.

We are always looking to get into the studio and record interesting and unique podcasts that are off the cuff and unscripted – always. Every podcast is recorded in both audio and video utilizing state of the art equipment.

360Monadnock also specializes in developing podcasts for businesses that are looking to engage their customers differently. Podcasting is another way to reach someone that you may have missed through traditional forms or marketing.

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